Kingrun Tyre Company is a leading AA Grade Tyre Manufacturer.

Our Production Facilities are state of the art, and our tyres are produced under the strictest conditions to meet international standards and expectations.

Founded in the year 2000, our product range has grown steadily to meet market demands.


Our Tyres are designed and engineered with Quality in mind.

We use the latest Silica Tyre Compounds and highly refined structural steel components to produce perfectly balanced, low rolling resistance tyres that are designed with fuel effieciency and noise reduction in mind.

Our Ecostar Range is one of the best examples of tyre engineering that is available on the market today.





Our tyres have been independently tested and the results are conclusive. Up Against the name 'Name Brand' tyres, Kingrun's Phantom K3000 managed to outperform on noise, and Wet Braking Distances. Our tyres will amaze you, with great value for money, incredible performance and awesome balancing properties. Our Motto is simple - Enjoy the Journey - with Kingrun Tyres keeping you and your loved ones safe!



Our Tyres feature the following Certificates -