The Kingrun T150 is our biggest seller, it features a huge 560 Treadwear Rating, while still maintaining a high A Class Traction Rating. The Tyre is perfectly suited to Semi-Commercial use - its flat closed shoulder design stops the edges wearing and also makes it one of the quietest tyres available on the market today. With Wind and Engine Noise far more evident in tests than tyre noise - it is absolutely whisper quiet. The 4 Wide Grooves in the centre section of the tyre means that it has excellent grip on Wet or Dry Roads, and on grassy road shoulders. Its small Tread Sipes (Cuts in the tread) allow flexibility in the tread during each rotation decreasing the friction with the road and allowing for greatly enhanced fuel consumption and lower vehicle emissions. The T150 is the King of the Road.

Four Wide Grooves for Stability Closed Shoulders decrease noise Better Fuel Consumption